Partners with for Fulfillment Deal

SAN FRANCISCO - Christopher Kren, CEO of leading consumer DVD site
Porn Team, announced Monday that his company has entered into a
fulfillment partnership with Video Boys.

"We are very excited to be working with this dynamic producer," Kren told AVN Online. "We began managing the online store for Video Boys on the first of September and we are confident that we can continue to expand their brand, while offering superior customer service and building customer loyalty."

Video Boys' Kinsey Russel feels that because Video Boys is a Canadian based enterprise, the partnership will allow the company to overcome excessive shipping costs, while assuring that their DVD customers get the superior customer service that Porn Team is renowned for.

"It also allows us to focus all our energies on our primary business of filming hot young guys and developing our membership sites," Kinsey added.

Due to the recent move into a new location and the expansion of their storage facilities and infrastructure, Kren feels the company is in a position to offer fulfillment services to aid smaller producers, but still maintain their own brand and increase customer loyalty.

"We were already performing these functions for our operations at Porn Team, so we are able to offer these services both efficiently and cost effectively," Kren said. "At the same time we are diversifying our business model. While Video Boys is the first producer
we have offered this service to, we have already seen additional interest and anticipate this will be a growing part of our business."

For more information, visit the Porn Team and Video Boys websites or contact [email protected].