Pornhub to Launch New Paid Portal for Content, Merch

CYBERSPACE—Those who've long dreamed of charging viewers for the content of theirs found by way of monolithic tube site will soon get their wish.

The ominpresent adult powerhouse announced via its blog Thursday that it plans in about two months to launch "an all new video-on-demand site" through which producers will be able to "sell your videos to our billions of visitors, all from the same platform you're used to." 

The blog also noted that following the launch of this new site, options will become available for models and producers to sell paid subscriptions for their content, custom clips, any type of legal merch they desire and more.

For the first three months after launch, the announcement said, producers will receive an 85 percent revenue payout, after which the share will become 65 percent. They will be able to set their own prices for what they sell, and the company assured that "we fully cover charge backs so there are no surprise fees or charges."

Anyone wishing to jump in on the new paysite may start preparing now by selecting "for sale" in the privacy settings for any video they upload. For extensive details, click here.