Pornhub Adds More Crypto Payment Options

LOS ANGELESPornhub has announced the continued expansion of its crypto payment options, and will soon officially accept ZenCash, the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions and TRON, which aims to be a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform eventually leveraging blockchain and peer-to-peer (p2p) network technology, as payment methods.

Both ZenCash (ZEN) and TRON (TRX) can be used as payment methods for all purchases—including Pornhub Premium, the company’s HD, On-Demand streaming service; TrafficJunky, Pornhub’s traffic and advertising network; Brazzers, a pornographic production company; and Nutaku, an online gaming portal featuring 18+ games from around the world.

ZenCash and TRON transactions will allow for the flexible billing practices and scenarios popular within the adult entertainment industry, namely pay-per-use, while securing the anonymity of users, as well as the high speed and low cost of transactions. Pornhub will accept TRON and ZenCash payments via CoinPayments, a payment gateway solution.

“Here at Pornhub, as one of the most viewed websites in the world with over 90 million daily visitors, it’s important that we continue to expand our crypto payment options to align with our community’s growing payment preferences,” said Corey Price, VP, Pornhub. “Decentralized payment systems have continued to grow in popularity, and cryptocurrency adoption is exploding across a broad economic spectrum. Today, cryptocurrencies are especially viable in the adult entertainment industry because they are privacy-centric and incorporate more anonymity tools than traditional tender. ZenCash and TRON will make for solid additions to our cache of payment methods, and we’re excited for our fans to use them to purchase a myriad of things on our platform.”

Zen is the world’s first private, distributed, and reliable platform for communication, transactions and publishing. ZenCash is the most resilient and censorship resistant privacy cryptocurrency blockchain and privacy coin.

"We are excited to provide a private payment option for over 115 million daily users on Pornhub and its affiliated websites! The exposure to the digital entertainment industry provides an excellent use-case for ZenCash by giving individuals the ability to pay for adult entertainment privately without fear of exposure,” said Robert Viglione, ZenCash Co-Founder. “ZenCash uses the best privacy technology available in the market.”

For more information on the announcement, and to view a SFW video spot about Pornhub’s partnership with TRON, click here.