PopPorn.com Short Film Features Stoya, Johnny Hazzard

PHILADELPHIA - Adult blog PopPorn.com set another first for the adult industry Friday by releasing a brand new short film titled Stoya's Dream Date, which stars Digital Playground contract star Stoya and Rascal Video exclusive Johnny Hazzard.

The short, a black and white silent film, brings these two powerhouses of the adult world together for a romantic romp. The concept for the short came together after Stoya wrote an open love letter to Johnny Hazzard on PopPorn.com. The film is set against the ageless beauty of Old City Philadelphia and concludes with a hot and heavy make out session, which marks gay porn star Johnny Hazzard's first kiss with a girl in 12 years.

"If I had a cock, I would bang the living day lights out of Johnny Hazzard," Stoya revealed. "Since my anatomy refuses to cooperate with that plan, the awesome duders twenty blocks over at PopPorn.com gave me the opportunity to receive a chaste kiss on the lips, do a hilarious skit and then maybe kinda be involved in mutual face rampage during a drunken post LGBT film festival party. Can you see why I love the furry pants off of them?"

Hazzard feels Stoya has an endless, classic beauty that was captivating.

"My time with her was memorable," he said. "My kiss with her was mind-blowing. Unlike Katy Perry I had not kissed a girl in about 12 years and certainly not like that. I'd like to thank PopPorn.com for introducing me to such a beautiful creature and I thank Stoya for being, well, Stoya."

PopPorn.com's editor-in-chief Brian Bangs felt bringing these two together was a proud moment for everyone.

"There is often a, "Don't mix the streams" kind of vibe in the industry between gay and straight stars and Stoya and Johnny simply shattered that taboo," he said. "They had a hell of a lot of fun doing it to."

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