Poll to Determine Most Popular Sponsor

CYBERSPACE - Referral Matrix is hosting a poll on Go Fuck Yourself (GFY) webmaster board to determine which sponsor is the most popular.


"I felt the GFY webmaster board offered the largest forum in which to determine this lingering question ... which would make the competition more exciting and produce more accurate results," Innovative Assets owner Will76 told AVN Online. "Everyone says this one sponsor is the best or that one is the best, and I thought it would be interesting to do a big competition and finally find out once and for all.


"I will make small certificates for winning sponsors showing the place that they came in ... and they will have the bragging rights of being voted the best by thousands of their peers, in addition to the exposure on my site. I will also buy winners free drinks in Vegas in January."


Each of the 16 preliminary polls over the next couple of weeks will last three days, and the amount of time remaining will be displayed at the top of the list of sponsors in the group. Each member is allowed to vote once in each poll. The sponsor with the most votes in each group will advance to the final round.


Additionally, wild-card spots will be given to the four top vote-getting sponsors who did not win in the preliminary round. The 20 sponsors in the finals will be listed on the front page of the Referral Matrix site.


Will 76 said he was "doing group 12 and group 13" Tuesday, and the poll's roster of 20 finalists will be in place "in a week or so." The final poll will last one week.