Plexstorm's  Streaming Site Connects Porn Gamer Girls with Fans

CYBERSPACE—If the internet has proven anything, it's that porn stars and webcam girls can be big ol' gaming nerds, just like their fans. Thanks to's adult game streaming site, fans and performers with a penchant for gaming have a new way to meet and play.

"There are a ton of gamer girls out there who want a platform to connect with their fans and not worry about censorship," says Joey, CEO of Plexstorm. "Plexstorm offers them the freedom to relax and have fun with their fans while playing their favorite games, naked or not."

Anyone can watch a webcam show, but this takes it to the next level by allowing porn stars and webcam girls to really connect and interact with their fans without worrying about being censored because they are adult performers.

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