Players Ball Changes Date, Venue For Internext

LAS VEGAS - Sometimes it's hard out there for a pimp. But D-Money and the crew from the Players Ball know how to roll with the changes.

The popular party for webmasters, taking place at Internext Las Vegas, has relocated from Ricks Cabaret to Rain Nightclub in the Palms Casino and Resort, and moved from Tuesday to Monday.

"Sometimes shit happens and you have to make your next move your best move," D-Money said about the changes.

The Players Ball will begin at 10:45 p.m., and will feature a performance by rapper E-40 at 12:30 a.m.

"The CECash go-go dancers will be in the house," D-Money said. "Nothing like a bunch of perfect bodies shakin' their asses for us."

The change of venue was necessitated after organizers were informed any Internext attendees would need to pay a $30 entrance fee in order to comply with an agreement the public company Ricks has with Las Vegas cab drivers.

"This was non-negotiable, so we had to move venues," D-Money said.

One final change is for Players Card holders: VIP access will be granted, but the cards will be good for one VIP and two regular admissions.

"You will receive a VIP wrist band at the door when you show your players card," D-Money said. "The other way to get VIP is to hook up with a sponsor of this event; they'll be issued their wrist bands the night of the event."

PussyCash is a major sponsor of this installment of the Players Ball. Other ProTraffic, SugarCash, CECash, MetroMoney, Adult Developments, AVN Online, For more information, or to become a sponsor, contact [email protected] or ICQ 837-27-286.