Playboy Launches SFW

CHICAGO—Playboy today launched The Smoking Jacket, a “safe-for-work” website the company says is intended to provide “guys with smart and sexy distractions throughout the day.” While that may seem to imply that the website may still not be quite safe enough for employers who actually expect work to be accomplished at work, it was always the intent of the site creators to provide daily diversions for the cubicle-bound.

The non-nude site is produced specifically for the blogosphere, and will feature shorter posts and more viral content. With just five major categories— Girls, Entertainment, Sex, Videos and Lifestyle— will feature a constant stream of content throughout the day, and also will spotlight aggregated links and funny videos from around the internet, as well as sexy, non-nude photos from Playboy's archives.

" is the ultimate safe-for-work internet experience for men, and a one-stop shop for all that is cool online," said Jimmy Jellinek, chief content officer and editorial director of Playboy and, in an announcement issued Tuesday morning. "Cube dwellers and office drones alike shall rejoice at this fun, sexy, satirical antidote to the drudgery of the work day."

The announcement also stressed that will continue to deliver content to its more than six million unique monthly visitors per month, and that the site will continue to feature nudity, as well as lifestyle articles that are “typically longer, more reverent, and written in a similar style as those appearing in Playboy magazine.”

The site is now live at