Playblu Launches World's First Multi-Angle Video Technology for Mobile Devices

LONDON -, a London-based company, has launched service that includes the ability to switch between multiple camera angles of a video.

The technology was previously only available for DVDs, and Playblu is the first to offer it in conjunction with mobile content.

The technology, the brainchild of inventor and entrepreneur Saj Muzaffar, is patent pending.

Playblu chose to launch the service with adult content, but it will be extended to sports events, music videos and concerts. A company statement said negotiations are under way to secure football rights.

Currently, video clips are available for a little more than $5, and can be purchased at, which can only be accessed through Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Playblu is also currently being developed for the iPhone /iTouch which
will enable much longer clips to be accessed. In addition, the company plans to offer mobile video clips with alternative plots or endings.