Platinum Feeds Adds Seven New DVD Categories

TORONTO - Content provider Platinum Feeds has launched seven new DVD categories, bringing the total number of its DVD feeds to 25. 


The straight genres that have been added include Asian, big butts, big tits, classics, college co-eds, creampie and European. 


"At $1.50 per Gig, Platinum DVD Feeds are a premium and affordable solution for webmasters that want to add big value to their pay sites," said Platinum Dave. "Member's areas, even ones with well developed picture and video sections, don't pack enough bang these days for your average porn consumer.  Post-tube traffic requires endless content, spanning multiple niches. This is where Platinum Feeds comes in; with 4,000-plus full length DVDs currently available, in five different streaming speeds, and 20 exclusive reality feeds, websites using this service can expect their retention rates to go way, way up." 


Platinum Feeds is a resource specially designed to enhance a user's experience, featuring award-winning content previously offered only on Platinum Bucks' pay sites and DVDs from top studios. 


"With regular content updates, custom back-end tracking, and many other features, all managed by innovative Adult Rental VOD technology, we are certain that Platinum Feeds, now more than ever, can provide the competitive edge to both leaders in profit and to those feeling the crunch," Platinum Dave added.