Pinky Lee Retires

PHILADELPHIA - Adult film star and LazerBunny girl Pinky Lee is retiring and is engaged to be married.

Best know for altporn, fetish and bondage scenes, Lee starred or co-starred in 15 major releases from those genres, including Vivid Alt and Burning Angel DVD titles.

Lee also earned AVN Award nominations and is an original LazerBunny model. She's been a featured star on the site since its launch in 2007.

"I really loved working with all the great people I've met in the adult scene, but for as many friends as I have made, I've had equal or more problems in my real life stemming from my involvement in porn," Lee said. "I just want to live a nice normal life with my incredible fiancé in our little gingerbread house, barefoot and pregnant baking brownies and knitting multicolored baby socks. I also plan on winning a lot more pro bicycle races; the competitions are fun and I love the sport."   

LazerBunny lead photographer and director of films Sean Adamz said he will miss Lee, but understands her needs. He'll even be photographing her wedding and after-party.

"I'm honored to have been invited to Pinky's wedding," he said. "She's been a close friend of mine since we met a few years back and began working together on photos; it came as a surprise to me that she would invite me to her wedding. She's an incredible person that I respect and consider one of my closest friends."     

Lee co-stars in Bad Luck Betties, a Vivid Alt release directed by Octavio WikiTiki, which was nominated for 10 AVN awards this year, though did not receive any nominations herself.