Pink & White Workshops Teach Affiliate Marketing to Performers

SAN FRANCISCO—Progressive Bay Area porn studio Pink & White Productions has launched a monthly workshop series called CRASHCOURSE: More Buck For Your Bang. Led by Pink & White Productions' Online Marketing Director Jiz Lee, the series is designed to teach performers how to make extra money from their scenes by marketing their work with affiliate programs.

The hour-long class is free to past performers of the company's projects (such as and, with a $20 pre-registration fee for other members of the Bay Area adult community. Sliding scale is available to people with low-income on a case-by-case basis. The workshop offers an introduction to using affiliate programs, hands-on assistance with online marketing tools and consultation on marketing campaigns and social media strategies.

Workshops are supplemented with "drop-in" office hours, when Lee will provide one-on-one support, in person or online for those located outside the Bay Area. Lee has over eight years of experience in front and behind the camera, and as a performer has been an affiliate of Pink & White Productions since the program's inception.

"So many performers think that payment ends with the scene," said Lee. "While it's true that most porn doesn't pay royalties, almost every paysite or retail store has an affiliate program. It's as easy as signing up and adding a link on your website, Twitter, or Tumblr. Performers of any notoriety can benefit from affiliate programs for porn, sex toys, and other affiliate sites. Plus, it encourages fans to pay for porn, and supports porn companies. I'm surprised more performers aren't taking advantage of these programs. So, I've decided to help them learn how."

The workshop is part of Pink & White's educational program CRASHCOURSE, an ongoing project featuring short informational videos by director Shine Louise Houston, and workshops that cover a myriad of topics, including technical information, filmmaking skills, marketing strategies, and performer advice. Guest presenters include Nina Hartley, Lyric Seal, Jiz Lee, and more to come.

CRASHCOURSE: More Buck for your Bang

How to Make Money Marketing Your Work

(A Monthly Affiliate Workshop for Performers & Industry Professionals)

Instructor: Jiz Lee, Pink & White Productions Online Marketing Director

Next Class: Wednesday, March 19 from 2-3pm 

Cost: $20 to members of the adult community. (Free to past Pink & White Performers.)

Location: Pink & White Productions Studios, San Francisco, CA

(Address provided after required pre-registration.)

Register: [email protected]

CRASHCOURSE: More Bang for your Buck is presented in coordination with the Pink & White Affiliate Program, which offers competitive commissions for webmasters, including a special commission rate for Pink & White's past performers. Sign up at A version of the course will be presented at the 2nd Annual Feminist Porn Conference Business Track, held April 5-6 at the University of Toronto, Ontario.

For all inquiries, contact Jiz Lee at [email protected].