Pink Visual Launches PVExposed

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Adult entertainment studio Pink Visual has launched PVExposed, a new consumer information site the company calls "safe for work."

The promotional site features the latest news and announcements from the media company. The goal was to offer fans a place they could visit while at work and not get into trouble.

"We created PVExposed for a variety of reasons," marketing coordinator Quentin Boyer told AVN Online. "Chief among them was to provide the mainstream media with a more professional and work-safe destination to refer to when researching our company and its products,"

Boyer said the launch is part of the company's growing profile in the world of mainstream media and mainstream consumers, such as its "Plant Your Wood" green marketing campaign. 

"They're intrigued by the notion of an adult company taking steps to become more environmentally-friendly, and the press loves gadgetry and technology every bit as much as consumers do," he said. "PVExposed gives them a means to look into these areas of interest without having to worry about having explicit imagery on their screen, should their boss come wandering by."

Pink Visual also plans to use the site for promoting strategic partnerships with other companies and products as well as product placement deals.

"For instance, if you look at PVExposed right now, you'll notice a banner for Oh Mi Bod ," he said. "This stems from an episode we shot in which the models made use of the 'NaughtiBod.'"

While the new site does link to the company's sexually explicit sites, all images on PVExposed are of a PG-13 nature or softer, according to brand and product manager Kim Kysar.

"We've got some great behind-the-scenes footage from last year's Adult Entertainment Expo on there, a hilarious parody ad created for Yappo and a ton of information on all our products, from our DVD lines to our mobile sites like iPink Visual, iMale Spectrum and iPorno Pass," she said.

Boyer told AVN Online the site and approach is represent a way to adopt mainstream marketing, promotional and publicity tactics as an adult entertainment company.

"That's served mainstream entertainment companies very well over the years -- like product placement and a forward-leaning outlook regarding emerging distribution platforms and delivery mediums," he said. "I suppose you could say that along with these mainstream-ish tactics, we decided it might be good to offer a corresponding mainstream-ish site."