Pink Visual Launches Mobile Paysite,

VAN NUYS - Adult Studio Pink Visual has announced the beta launch of their new mobile site iPink Visual Pass, which allows members to access full-length scenes on their iPhone or other compatible device.

The launch comes on the heels of the successful mobile free site iPinkVisual, which debuted in January of this year.
"We had such an overwhelming response to iPink Visual," Kate Sylvan, PR coordinator for Pink Visual said. "Combined with the increase in traffic and the launch of the 3G iPhone, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to develop a more comprehensive membership site, with full length scenes that users can watch on their phone or on their computers."
Not only can users stream content on their phone, but they can download full length scenes formatted for the iPhone onto their computer and choose to either watch those scenes or transfer them to their phone via the iTunes software. This allows members the freedom to not only stream new content over the phone, but also the ability to enjoy high-definition content previously stored on their phone when they are outside their coverage area.
"There is great freedom in being able to access adult content on your phone," Sylvan added. "Many people share their home computers with family members or use laptops that are issued to them through the workplace, so having access to high-quality high-definition adult content on your phone means that you don't have to risk downloading content onto a shared computer, or clearing your web browser history. It's much more discreet and portable, and you can now watch content whenever you want to, wherever you are."
For more information, visit the Pink Visual, iPink Visual Pass and iPinkVisual websites.