PimpRoll Opens PowerParking 'Lot' for Domain Names

DETROIT – PimpRoll announced Wednesday the official opening of "PowerParking," a virtual "lot," so to speak, for webmasters to monetize parked domains without having to rely on pay-per-click revenues.

Initially rolled out earlier this month PowerParking allows for the creation of customized, review-style Web pages, complete with a niche-based design and individual affiliate linkcodes.

"With PPC parking pretty much dead -- now paying only pennies per click

-- adult domain owners are looking for an alternative revenue stream for their portfolios and "PowerParking" by PimpRoll fills that void nicely,"

PimpRoll Don told AVN.com. "Judging by the webmaster response we're getting, this is going to very successful."

PowerParking is SEO-optimized with morphing descriptions and other features controlled by the user, including the ability to set page title tags, H1 and H2 headers, as well as unique meta-data to create a dynamic traffic tool.  The system also allows for the creation of up to five link trades with the anchor text of choice.

"This isn't plain Jane parking; it's an intelligent and powerful program with many built-in, SEO-friendly features to get your domain the traffic and sales it's been missing," PimpRoll Don said.  For the first time ever in parking, webmasters gain control of the content displayed on their domain, and are able to fully customize and tinker with their page for optimal search engine rankings. It's kind of a big deal." 

The pages are hosted across multiple IP addresses, which increases the amount of customization variations, said David K. of PimpRoll.

"Giving webmasters an effortless option to monetize domains they already own but aren’t using yet is a great example of our mindset right now,”

David K. said. "In this economy we want our affiliates to earn every dollar available, and we are willing to help in any way that we can.”

"The industry loves to copy great new ideas,” he added. “The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to create new tools and resources for our affiliates to benefit first. Being a PimpRoll affiliate means you are always a step ahead.”

For more information on PowerParking and the PimpRoll program, visit PimpRoll.com..