PimpRoll Launches BangMyStepmom.com

DETROIT - Affiliate program PimpRoll has launched BangMyStepMom.com, an all-exclusive site that asks "What if your divorced dad married a gorgeous wife and you couldn't stop thinking about her sexually?" and "What if you were adopted into a family where the mom's a MILF and thinks you're hot, too?"


Would you cross the line? BangMyStepmom.com did.


The site features high-quality videos streamed in Flash and presented in downloadable AVI, WMV and iPod formats.


PimpRoll will support the launch with increased payouts for one full week, starting Monday. The company will pay webmasters $50 on $4.99 trials and $40 on $1 trials. PimpRoll also offers $2.99 trials and $9.99 trials, as well as various monthly membership options.


For more information, visit PimpRoll.com or send email to [email protected].