PimpRoll Adds PerSignup.com

DETROIT -- PimpRoll has acquired PerSignup.com, an adult webmaster affiliate program encompassing 33 sites in 17 niche categories.


"Persignup has carved itself a nice position in the industry with its wide variety of niche-driven sites," PimpRoll owner David Koonar told AVN Online. "The backing of PimpRoll opens this program up to a ready-made audience of established webmasters overnight, buttressing growth and strengthening their already-solid reputation."

The acquisition gives Pimproll a total of four strong brands in the online porn market. In addition to its flagship Pimproll program, Koonar's company owns the Adult Elite and MakeBank affiliate networks.

Thanks to an express signup option, PimpRoll webmasters will not have to fill out a registration form or wait for approval in order to start promoting the new sites. For Persignup affiliates, the acquisition means more site launches and bigger marketing and promotional support.

"They only need to enter their current PimpRoll ID and password to have all of their info quickly imported to the new program," Koonar explained.

PerSignup.com offers webmasters $35 per paid sign-up for $4.99 trials, $30 for $1 trials and $25 for free joins.

For more information, contact [email protected] or [email protected].