PimpRoll Adds 'Cross-Sell Free' Option for Webmasters

DETROIT - In an effort to give their affiliates more choices and better options to run their business the way they want, PimpRoll is now offering "cross-sell free" link options on every site in their portfolio.

"From picking between our PPS or partnership programs, to setting their own price points, to choosing console or console-free status, to providing multiple linking options, PimpRoll webmasters can always craft exactly the type of campaign they wish," said PR_Don of PimpRoll. "Thus, making cross-sells optionable was just a natural progression for us.  We're big believers in freedom of choice you could say!"

The company has already received positive feedback from webmasters, PR_Don said. He noted that the new option might attract webmasters who have been very vocal in recent months against cross-sells might be willing to check out PimpRoll now that cross-sells can be opted out of.

"It's important to note, however, that PimpRoll never had an aggressive cross-sell philosophy to being with," PR_Don said. "Even today, PimpRoll webmasters who continue to promote joins with cross-sells, will only find one with full disclosure above the submit."

The move, PimpRoll Dave said in a letter to affiliates, makes PimpRoll "one of the first major PPS sponsors to give webmasters complete control over the join page sales pitch and billing process."

For more information, visit PimpRoll.com.