Photographer Spotlight: Suze Randall

For more than three decades Suze Randall has been one of the world’s leading erotic photographers. Born in Worcestershire, England, she worked as a nurse and a model in the early 1970s before becoming a full-time erotic photographer. She has worked as staff photographer for both Playboy and Hustler and shot many Penthouse pets. She now runs Suze Randall Productions with her husband, the writer Humphry Knipe.

Website: Suze.Net

Favorite Subjects to Photograph: Spirited girls and large penises (gives me something to focus on). Also love taking green models, teaching them to move, feel confident and beautiful—it’s all about the girl.

Biggest Challenge: Changing with the changing times. As the economy goes through its twists and turns, it’s necessary to adapt and branch out. Quality still counts and achieving that in the mad rush to survive is definitely a challenge, but hopefully that is also what sets one apart. It’s an overgrazed marketplace— censorship definitely had its advantages!

Memorable Photo Shoot: Recently, the most memorable shoot was with Lisa Ann & CJ. So sensual, romantic and dead dirty—I almost forgot to push the trigger! In the past—shooting Traci Lords on the beach at sunrise (cause that’s where she was all night) was pretty amazing!

This article originally appeared in the November 2009 issue of AVN.