Photographer Spotlight: Mick Hicks

Mick Hicks began his career in 1978 photographing San Francisco’s emerging gay street scene, where he quickly worked his way into the bars, clubs and discos that were emerging at that time. His photographs have appeared in numerous gay publications and mainstream magazines worldwide, including Newsweek, Stern, Time, American Photographer and Paris Match.

In 1997, the then Los Angeles-based photographer began working for adult video production companies such as Channel 1 Releasing, Colt, Dirty Bird Pictures, Falcon, Hot House Entertainment and Unzipped Media, and in 2001 he published a book of photographs from that work titled SNAPS. Hicks also has shot with Bel Ami, Big Blue Productions, Jet Set Men, Manifest Men, Michael Lucas Entertainment and Mavety Publications, as well as working as a still photographer on mainstream films.


Years shooting: 32 (12 in adult)

Equipment: Nikon D2X Leica C Lux 3

Favorite subjects to photograph: Drag queens

Biggest challenge: Learning how to set up my blog/website and thinking of interesting things to blog about on a daily basis.

Memorable photo shoot: The entire six-week trek across Australia during the making of Falcon’s Absolute Aqua and Absolute Arid.

Significant moment: Shooting Lane Fuller on an island in a rainstorm in the Great Barrier Reef.

This article originally appeared in the October issue of AVN.