Phoenix Forum Announces Seminars

PHOENIX - The Phoenix Forum, which is set for April 2-4 at the Tempe Mission Palms in Arizona, has announced a series of concurrent seminars and panels.

Among the topics that will be addressed Thursday, April 2, are: international law and the individual laws of nations; marketing, business and the law; affiliate and direct marking options; and navigating the treacherous waters of today's business climate and staying afloat.

Friday, April 3 will see a discussion on developing profits in members' areas of websites; a look at emerging technologies; defining what entails a "clip"; a talk about VOD stores; and a seminar on adapting to the current economy.

The schedule for Saturday, April 4 will include: a talk analyzing and examining how to promote a user lifespan; monetizing emerging markets in nation's including billing options for China, Eastern Europe and South America; and a panel on website mergers and acquisition strategies.

View the entire schedule on the Phoenix Forum website.