Persian Kitty Makes Public Appearance

LAS VEGAS - Persian Kitty, a veteran of the adult industry for more than a decade, made her trade show debut this week at InterNext 2008 Las Vegas.

Considered a force in the traffic side of the industry, she has maintained a low profile throughout her career - she will mark her 12th anniversary in the business later this year - making herself personally known to a select few in the industry.

But her site,, has been in the forefront of link sites since its launch in late 1995. Persian Kitty told AVN Online that her decision to remain out of the limelight for so long was a conscious one.

"There was so much press in the early years when the site was really taking off," she said. "I didn't want to be physically present in the industry at that time because my kids were younger and I didn't want to subject them to anything adverse."

But that didn't stop her from becoming well-known for being one of the first women to operate a link site, as she often received interview requests from the likes of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Persian Kitty's entry into the adult industry was "pure luck" she said.

"I had always been interested in just the sheer volume of traffic that moved around on the Internet," she said.

In the early days, she looked at third-party counter sites, and noticed the sites that were getting the most hits were predominantly adult sites. So she decided to enter the game and put up her own list site, which eventually morphed into a TGP site. There was never any plan to actually make money, she said.

"But then, all of a sudden, there were people knocking on my door wanting to advertise," she said.

From those humble beginnings, the site and Persian Kitty's presence have continued to grow. And her first experience at a trade show has been a good one, she said.

"It's nice after talking to some people for 12 years to finally be able to put a face to the name," she said.