PayPal Steps into the Adult B2B Breach

CYBERSPACE—In the wake of the suspension of ePassporte’s ability to use the Visa network, an old friend of adult has returned to the fold. PayPal, which used to be very adult-friendly before being acquired by eBay in 2002, appears to be once again allowing the use of its network by adult entertainment companies as a B2B payment option. C2B payments, however, have as yet not been revived by the global peer-to-peer payment platform.

Despite the fact that there has been scant public mention of this development, several companies have already integrated the option into their drop-down menus for use by their affiliates.

AVN has identified several programs now offering PayPal to affiliates, some of which have already sent out notices informing the affiliates of the fact. Before naming the programs, AVN thought it wise to contact each for comment, and a few have replied, asking that they not be quoted or mentioned as having opted to integrate the service into their payment options.

One program that agreed to be mentioned and quoted, however, was TopBucks/Pink Visual, which provided the following statement.

“Naturally, we want to provide our webmasters with as many options for receiving payment as possible, so we're happy to bring PayPal back into the mix on TopBucks,” said Q. Boyer, TB director of public relations. “We've used PayPal for B2B payments to other companies and vendors in the industry on occasion, without any problems, for some time now. We don't anticipate encountering any problems with using it to pay our webmasters, either.”

Existing affiliates of TopBucks can choose PayPal as a desired payment option simply by choosing it from the drop-down menu in the form that allows them to edit their existing account information; new signups are required to contact TopBucks before the PayPal options will be made available to them.