Launches Access-Per-Minute Phone Billing

UNITED KINGDOM - Pay-per-call phone billing specialists Password-By-Phone have launched their new product Access-Per-Minute, which allows users to pay for premium Web content on a per-minute basis.

Surfers who use Access-Per-Minute will be granted access only for the time their phone is connected to a premium number. Similar to the existing Pay-Per-Access product, surfers will see a call-to-action in one of 45 languages, based on a combination of IP and browser algorithms.

"We are delighted to launch this new product which makes for a perfect fit for any adult website, particularly video-on-demand and live-cam sites, allowing them to make up to $86 per hour from surfers that choose to pay this way," Marc Jarrett, Password-By-Phone's business development manager.

Jarrett added that the company will also be paying a connection bonus to webmasters when surfers are connected for two minutes or more.

"This is a first in the phone billing space," he said. "Furthermore, we beat the competition hands down on our out payment rates for most countries, and we can easily be integrated on-the-fly."

For more information and to compare out payment rates, visit the Password-By-Phone website or contact Jarrett directly at [email protected].