Party On: Grand Slam Media Scores with House of Slam

This article originally ran in the November 2014 issue of AVN magazine.

Online industry conferences always provide parties and entertainment in one form or another, but few events have been as enjoyable as the House of Slam party, held May 29 in New Orleans at the spring 2014 Internext. The show was attended by just about everyone from Internext and featured top-line musical acts live on stage who put out stellar performances that will be remembered for years to come. And here’s a bit of welcome news: There will be a sequel to House of Slam in just a couple of months.

Organized by online advertising agency and traffic brokerage Grand Slam Media, House of Slam’s first iteration featured Too $hort and Mobb Deep along with an open bar and beautiful babes in booty shorts dancing their way through the crowded venue. Not only was it a party bringing people together during the conference, it was also a celebration of Grand Slam Media’s sixth anniversary. According to those in the know, the show was a smashing success. Attendees had a great time watching the famous acts, dancing with the sexy models and drinking with industry friends.

“I have attended so many industry parties, but nobody ever brought two icons of my youth on stage: Too $hort and Mobb Deep,” said Stefan Muehlbauer of, referring to the Oakland-based rapper who has been spitting rhymes since the early ’80s and the iconic hip-hop duo who made their name in the 1990s. “Add an open bar and tons of hot chicks and you have probably the best industry party ever.”

EroAdvertising’s Marcel echoed Muehlbauer’s sentiments. “Everybody went nuts once Mobb Deep and Too $hort entered the stage. They put on a 90-minute show with all their classics and some new joints. It was straight fire! Afterward, I had the chance to meet them in person and the party continued all night long.”

Marcel also loved the dancers and decor of the event space. “When I walked into the popular Warehouse District club Republic New Orleans, it looked amazing,” he recalled. “There were drinks, dancers, a private show room, great sound and a real emcee. The stage looked amazing with a lot of beautiful girls dancing in booty shorts and warming up the crowd for the hip-hop legends Mobb Deep and Too $hort.”

Like other New Orleans attendees, Marcel was very appreciative and is looking forward to the next event. “Grand Slam Media brought together the most spectacular party I have ever seen. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the party and it was a night I will never forget, so a huge well done to Grand Slam Media and everyone else involved. I look forward to next year’s House of Slam Party in Vegas!”

The event was completely packed, the bass was pumping, and the drinks were flowing. Kelan of Grand Slam Media recalled, “It was shoulder-to-shoulder partying in the club, which is only a problem if you’re opposed to getting up close and personal with beautiful girls sporting Grand Slam tanks and booty shorts.” 

The ultimate goal of this party? To show Grand Slam Media’s dedication to building and sustaining business relationships and industry friendships, and of course to become the industry party that is known far and wide for having the best musical acts. Kelan, who works in the publisher acquisition department at Grand Slam Media, explained, “We want industry professionals to look forward to our party at every conference, and know that the House of Slam is where they will get to unwind, see great performances, have a few drinks, get their groove on, and solidify their business relationships at a fun industry event with lots of great perks.”

That message was clearly received by many. Joey Gabra, managing director at mobile affiliate sponsor Affil4you, had this to say: “In our industry, one of the main points is to make sure you make an impact and ensure that everyone remembers your brand. GSM not only easily accomplished that, but they also showed that they were a top-class business, serious players, and just all around nice guys!” 

Attendees from every nook and cranny of the biz expressed similar sentiments. Exclaimed Jamie Shiff, lead online media buyer at industry giant Mindgeek, “House of Slam was one of the best industry parties I’ve attended. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Even industry professionals who have been partying at conferences for years found the event refreshing. Andy Wullmer, who works at SexGoesMobile, said flat out, “I have traveled for the past 15 years to every event around the world and the House of Slam was the best party I have ever been to.”

Industry folk should be on the lookout for more House of Slam parties at upcoming conferences and industry shows. The next scheduled event will take place during the winter Internext Expo in Las Vegas at Vinyl in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 18, starting at midnight. (For more information on Internext, go to Grand Slam Media is going to make sure it’s a night to remember, just like that first party in The Big Easy.

Now, the party is being opened up for sponsors to get in on the action. Go to for more information or speak with the team at about becoming a sponsor and adding your brand to the mix. When it comes to promoting a company while providing guests with a great time, House of Slam has shown it can truly hit a grand slam.