Parasited Thrills With Slime-Fueled Launch

This feature first appeared in the October issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition.

LOS ANGELES — Mind-controlling alien bugs meet hot girls on the new site Parasited from the producers of Hentaied.

Part suspense thriller and part comedy, the cinematic scenarios deliver over-the-top sex featuring some of the leading performers in the EU with a clear mission: to be the go-to destination for “possessed girls porn.”

“It’s exactly like the title: girls possessed by strange creatures!” says Romero, the Budapest, Hungary-based creator of Hentaied, the 2022 AVN Award-nominated site billed as “your No. 1 tentacle porn source.”

“It’s just somehow those creatures remove the shyness in them, unleash their sexual desires, and turn them into wild, fearless and aggressive sex zombies.

“So they’d do almost everything to get what they want—like jumping on other ‘uninfected’ men and women, seeking sexual pleasure and trying to convert them.”


Romero launched Parasited in September after more than a year of development; this past summer he also unveiled, which explores hermaphroditism and cloning with A-list talent in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

“I shot the first Parasited with Amirah [Adara] and Tiffany [Tatum] and it was released on Hentaied initially,” Romero explains, noting the scene titled “A new roommate” debuted on Hentaied on March 19.

“Soon after the release it became one of the best-rated movies on the website, and still is ranking high until today. It was then a natural decision to develop it further into a project, which is the that is in front of you now.”

Parasited titillates with disarming visuals, Hollywood-level special effects, exaggerated facial expressions, energetic sex and credible acting from several high-profile stars.

“It’s wild, aggressive, edgy, over the limit,” Romero says. “It escalates to the extreme really fast. We include elements like slime drooling, massive orgasms, demonic possession and everything that you can and cannot imagine of sex zombies having sex.”


Romero tells AVN the inspiration started with a simple premise.

“I have always found the concept of mental control fascinating,” he tells AVN. “Our brain is the most powerful computer known, it’s where the thoughts are generated, and our thoughts have a significant influence on our behavior, emotions or decisions.

“And yet, it is so vulnerable at the same time: we can develop mental illness; others can twist and manipulate our mind using tricks and techniques. Actually, extensive research and experiments have been run to explore the possibility of ‘brain hacking’ whether through substance use or psychological tricks, taking the secret CIA program MK-Ultra for example.”

He continues, “So I wanted to find a way to incorporate this concept in my production, but men losing control and going rough on women is just too edgy to film. So I decided to go for the opposite and make the girls the possessed and the dominant ones in the scene.”

He reached out to the respected veteran Roberto DiSuna, who is not only the director for Parasited, but also a partner.

“I am glad that we’ve set up a really constructive collaboration which is full of fun, enjoyment and at the same time hard work and growth,” Romero says. “I have known Roberto since forever. I moved to Budapest six years ago and he is one of the most reputed directors in town. I’ve always wanted to work with him and we’ve been in discussions about different projects.

“The collaboration didn’t happen earlier due to many factors. But I guess we just need the right timing and right project. When I had the idea of Parasited I thought it through and I approached him immediately through Mikey and Amirah Adara and we hit it off.

“We’re both cinema enthusiasts and having a project that isn’t restricted by limitations of commercial porn production leaves us a lot of freedom to work on the storyline and the set.

“Plus, for film nerds like us, nothing is more electrifying than shooting with the top cinema gear available on the market, and we definitely share that excitement together. We have a common vision of making proper movies together somewhere in the future.”


Romero says the setups are not what he would consider “scary,” however he says “for sure there is a lot of tension created throughout the scene.”

“The word ‘thrilling’ would be more accurate,” he suggests.

Romero says the budgets for Parasited “is a bit higher than a classic mainstream production, but is way less than Hentaied.”

“We’ll increase the budget gradually as the project develops, and it can reach hundreds of thousands Euros per movie in one or two years from now,” he reveals. “Most of the budget will be invested in the team, the set and editing.”

The creator says he and DiSuna make use of classic filmmaking techniques such as dramatic lighting and sound effects to build the suspense in each scene.

“Imagine Psycho’s shower scene without the sound effects,” Romero says. “To create that noir and moody lighting, we have to completely darken an environment and  recreate the light artificially. And for this reason we don’t find many suitable locations available for renting, as most of them are super bright because that’s what most productions are looking for.

“Someone would say: ‘Shoot in the night! But nights are too short, considering the length of our shootings. It gets challenging. So before we are able to find a better solution, we will continue to work with this kind of dark room setting.

“Music and sound effects are extremely important for creating the atmosphere and ambiance needed. I used to be the one who produced the music and soundtrack. Now we have a musician that works on this aspect, and he is doing an excellent job.”


He also points to the acting as one of the key factors in making Parasited scenarios come to life.

“We have some of the best performers, namely Jia Lissa. Her part in ‘Date’ was so convincing that it gave us chills. We were actually scared of her! Well, we are always scared of her!” Romero jokes.

Jia Lissa also collaborated with Romero on the moody song that goes with the scene.

In “Date,” Jia welcomes co-star Mark Zane over to her place for wine and a scary movie, but things take a sinister turn when Jia gets Parasited and then she can’t control what happens next.

Each scene tends to get messy as the possessed performers drool all over the place, spew lots of cum and deal with slimy bugs.

“We have to kill about five thousand snails each time to collect enough slimes so it’s definitely tricky,” Romero cracks. “It took us time to figure things out, how to make it look natural and credible. There’s a subtle line between trashy and cool when doing an unconventional production like this. We really pay attention to such details, and that’s exactly what makes the difference.

“On this one I really have to give the credit to Eve, our amazing prop wizard with magic hands. She’s in charge of manipulating the bug/parasite on set, and she is also dedicated to creating different effects like cum explosion, slime dropping.

“Eve has been working with us for years; she was working on Hentaied and soon became an expert in tentacles. She’s amazing in what she does and for sure an essential part of these projects.”

Some of the other performers in the initial Parasited scenes include Cherry Kiss, Valentina Nappi, Vince Karter, Alissa Foxy and Eve Sweet.