Orbital Pay CEO Helps Those in Need

LONG BEACH, Calif. - As the new American president calls for a new era of responsibility and service, Global Electronic Inc./Orbital Pay Chief Executive Officer Steve Bryson and his family have been heeding that call for years.

Days before this past Christmas, Bryson dropped off a truckload of food to the Long Beach Rescue Mission.

"I shopped for it myself, paid for it, delivered it and unloaded it," Bryson told AVN Online.

Clearly, he's ahead of the curve when it comes to thinking of those truly in need. Bryson credits a military background for his dedication to serving others. He is a former paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division. His father served, as did his grandfather, and Bryson's son was medically discharged after 15 months in Iraq.

Bryson long has been active in his local community, from small shelters to working with homeless children. "Coming from a place of abundance rather than scarcity, I've already tried to give back," he said. "And my children have followed my lead."

Until recently, that charitable work has always been done with anonymity.

"We've always done it without anybody knowing about it," he said. "We've worked with soldiers' families, taught kids English. My daughter just got back one month ago after working in a HIV orphanage in Africa."

In 2008, Bryson established the Never Forgotten Foundation, a public organization that allows those who have to help those who don't.

"Never forgotten was a motto from our family military background, and it's something the Bryson family has been engaged in our whole lives," he said. 

"It's about never forgetting; Never leave a person that's been lost in conflict, never forget their family."

"It's been my belief that if you give it away, it'll come back to you," he said.

 "The foundation was begun to serve the children that are orphaned in war, and we've extended it to those suffering from AIDS/HIV as well."

So far the foundation has been supported solely by Bryson and his personal donations. "Maybe a thousand dollars came from the outside," he said.

Despite the Foundation's global focus, Bryson realized there are people in need in his very backyard. When he found out about the Long Beach Rescue Mission's dire situation after Thanksgiving, he took action immediately.

"While shipping books and supplies to Africa, we wanted to help right here at home, 20 blocks from my home here in Long Beach," he said. "People needed to be fed, and we answered that call."

The mission said the food Bryson dropped off on Dec. 22 provided 8,000 meals, not just servings.

"I was told the kitchen manager cried when we left, because he though there wasn't going to be enough food to make it through Christmas after Thanksgiving, due to the economy and fewer donations," Bryson said. "It was one of the more beautiful moments in my life."

Bryson is seeking more donations for the Never Forgotten Foundation, whose administrative budget he fully funds so that every dollar that comes in goes to food, books, medical supplies and other goods.

"We give 100 percent on the dollar towards the foundation," he said.

Bryson hopes to expand the foundation's scope and would like to see participation from other individuals and corporations.

"I call on all of them to take part. That's the reason we went public," he said.  "I've been reaching out to people in the mainstream as well as people in the adult industry.

"With a new president, we have an opportunity to show a new face, put forth a face from the adult industry," Bryson told AVN Online. "We have the opportunity to make a lot of money even in these economically tough times and a unique and rare opportunity to help our communities. We're all around the world. and communities are in need all around the world."

Steve Bryson may be contacted directly for donations via the website.