On the Set: Tori Black's Directorial Debut

Pictured, Mimefreak, Tori Black, Alina Li and Karlo Karrera on the set of Tori Black's directorial debut for Elegant Angel; photo by Jeff Koga. Below, read Tod Hunter's report from the set. Click here for more information about the shoot from Elegant Angel's blod, and click here for the trailer.

"I could have shot anybody I wanted," says first-time director Tori Black. "She's got buzz."

"She" is 19-year-old starlet Alina Li, the new Girl of the Month for Elegant Angel. Li is tall, lean, bright-eyed and still enjoying being the center of attention for this skeleton crew: director Black, cameraman, stills photographer and make-up person. Co-star Karlo Karrera isn't here yet. The shooting space has a functioning camera-ready gourmet kitchen and a living room set, and those will be used for today's scene. The lavish nightclub set with fog machines, plasma TVs, and a bar filled with real liquor bottles that stretch most of the way to the 20-foot ceiling will have to wait. Although one wall with trompe l'oeil black bricks may serve as a background for stills.

"This is perfect! I want my face to look like this every day!" exults Li, happy at the makeup job.

Black looks disapprovingly at Li's orange G-string and blue bra. "That's not sexy. It's, like, cute." Li rummages through her case: "How about these?" she asks, holding up dark-blue panties with a wide band like a jockstrap. Black professionally sizes up the colors and says, "The colors don't match. Go to black."

Black hustles Li to the kitchen set for stills. "Fluff up your hair. More fluffed up. The more the better. ... That's it. Okay, now stretch. Utilize that long torso." When Li has problems getting a pose just right, Black demonstrates: "Put all your weight on this leg, and drop this leg like this."

"I saw you do that in the Nymphomaniac movie," Li says.

"Well, shit," Black groans.

Li follows the direction, striking the pose, and Black does a triumphant happy dance.

Stills finished, they move on to the scene. Karrera turned up during the stills and has been watching Li with a smile on his face. "This is your daily routine. You have coffee, tea, whatever, and then chat with me," Black says to Li. "I'll come in and talk with you. Don't be surprised when I come in. We'll chat. The idea is to get you turned on for the scene. It'll be natural. We're having a conversation. I'll just walk away, don't say goodbye, it's like we live together. Then Karlo's going to walk in, butt-ass naked, like he would in the morning, go to the fridge. After the conversation we had, you're going to be ready to go.

"I want it to flow, you guys to play off each other. Not three minutes of this, three minutes of that. More natural. Fun sex. That's what I like."

"Yay!" smiles Li.

"If, in the moment, you decide to change where the pop shot is, do whatever you want," Black says. "I don't need you to take it anywhere particular."

"I like it in the face. I tried doing that one time and the director said no."

"That's not a problem here," Black reassures her.

Black's Q-and-A elicits Li's admission that she likes tall, big guys "that feel like they are the man" and when she hasn't had sex for a few days "and I'm hungry for cock, I just go for it."

As Karrera waits, naked, to make his entrance Black tells him, "Come in hard" and Li ups the ante by telling him "Harder than that!" as everybody cracks up.

They wrap the interview as Karrera walks to the fridge, harder as requested, and Li walks up to him and aggressively grabs his cock as he takes a swig from a bottle in the fridge. She drops to her knees and starts to suck him, with smacking and popping sounds, cradling his balls, jerking him as he grabs her head and face-fucks her. She grabs his cock, pulling him forward as he pulls off her robe and they exit past the camera to the living room set.

"A year ago I didn't even know what lube was," Li giggles during the transition. "I haven’t done a boy/girl in three days," she adds. That explains the aggression.

Karrera and Li get ready, and Li warns him, "I'm getting my period in three days." She lowers herself onto his dick, crowing "I'm a big girl." Stop for stills. "Yay! Teamwork!" Black says. "I love a girl who volunteers to do cowgirl."

She looks down at her middle, and her face registers surprise, saying, "You can see my stomach!" as Karrera's cock pokes her abdomen out from the inside. When they turn to Black for guidance for the next position, Black leaves it up to them: "You're professionals. Just fuck."

Karrera stands, drawing Li into a standing mish as the cameraman shoots straight up into the piston shot as she coos, "I'm gonna cum" and her moans reach crescendo. He lays her down on her back, maintaining the connection, and raises one of her legs high so he can penetrate deeper, holding her hair tight and maintaining eye contact. "Oooo, fuck me," she keens and then gets her second wind as he pulls her into spoon, pulling one leg up so her knee is at her chin. The camera zeroes in to her grimacing face as she thrusts back on him, and when he slips out she reaches down and puts him right back in there.

"Doggy," says Black and Li drops onto all fours so he can approach from behind, and he leans up so he can fuck straight down into her raised pussy. When he picks up speed Li starts howling, grinning when air poots out of her and then rearing up and fucking back hard onto him. They lean back into reverse cowgirl, her fingering her clit and squealing, "Yes yes oh my gawd oh shit Oh Fuck YES!" before she pulls off to suck him, looking hard into camera. Her pussy, in repose, is as closed as a clam. Oh yeah, she's 19.

"I'm gonna cum in your face" Karrera groans, and a moment later he does. The cameraman says, "Let me see it" and she licks and sucks Karrera's spurting cock as he groans.

Li murmurs, "I'm naked. I'm shy," as she sits beside Karrera for the final interview, covering her nipples with one arm as she wipes her face with her fingers.

"I like big penises, and I feel that he has, like, the perfect size," Li responds to Black's question. "In the beginning I had to loosen up a little bit, but I get really wet so it's really easy for me to have sex with a big cock."

"We got all this in four and a half hours. We got a great tease, and we got a good intro, and we got a great scene. We got all that, and we got good pictures. Why do people take so long?" Black asks.