Octomom Talks Wicked Movie on 'The View'

DAYTIME TV AIRWAVES—Nadya "Octomom" Suleman appeared on this morning's edition of ABC's The View to discuss her "self-pleasure" video, Octomom Home Alone, which debuted yesterday on Wicked Pictures' website, Wicked.com, and will be released soon on DVD.

In the segment, Suleman told Whoopi and the gals that though her initial motivation for shooting the video was purely to help ease her financial woes (with her home having just gone to auction), it proved a transcendent experience that helped her overcome her deep-seated fear of exploring her sexuality.

While that's all well and good, we're not entirely sure the world wants to share in her transcendence, given the reactions of folks on the street to stills from the movie in this bit that aired last week on another ABC program, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Either way, see Suleman's View segment here.

Screen shot courtesy of theview.abc.go.com.