OCCash Unleashes Filth Freaks

LOS ANGELES - In an effort to brand itself to surfers, OCCash has launched its Web 2.0 network and flagship site FilthFreaks.com.

Jason Quinlan, vice president director of marketing for OCCash, said the new network will make it easier for surfers.

"We've always been OCCash, but what does that really mean to a guy who is surfing porno sites?" he said. "OCCash is more of a brand for our webmasters. So we decided to split it into separate entities: one for the surfer and one for the webmaster."

Quinlan said Filth Freaks is a "deep" pay site that takes what users get in the traditional members' area and "flips it inside out."

"Our members' area is already very deep," he said. "We have more than 1,700 episodes, and we continue to update with fresh content twice a day. This network is completely Web 2.0 in that the site will morph itself based on what users find the most appealing. What's used the most, what rated the highest ... all the good stuff will rise to the top."

OCCash began branding the "Filth Freaks" name months ago, including watermarking all of the content. Several promotional events are planned for the coming weeks and months, including xPeeps gatherings.

Filth Freaks is offering $35 per join on all trials. Several new promotional tools are available, including deep linking banners, peel ads and XML Flash banners.

For more information, visit FilthFreaks.com, or email [email protected] or [email protected].