Redesign Enters Open Beta Worldwide

LOS ANGELES—Nutaku on Thursday announced its website redesign has entered open beta worldwide. Through a full visual revamp and a whole set of tailor-made features, said it is set to become the first online gaming platform to roll out an inclusive interface to an adult gaming audience of more than 50 million users.

The redesign seeks to pave the way for a much simpler navigation and modernized design. The new website, however, is not just offering players a UI overhaul, as its powered by several community-requested features. Among them, a dynamic search bar allowing users to seek their favorite game from Nutaku’s large pool of 450+ free-to-play and paid titles, and a “preference selector” to allow users to customize their experience and show or hide games based on sexual preferences.

"The much-awaited redesign reinforces our commitment to offer a high-quality and user-friendly product to anyone looking for the ultimate experience in the adult gaming world," said Brandon Feiden, platform director at Nutaku. "The redesign is night and day compared to our existing website and we thank our dedicated community for their continuous feedback and participation in helping us get to the next level.”

Feiden continued, "We’re so excited to share this major update with our players, and the world, as this 'new' Nutaku is up to the standards our community of users and developers have come to expect as we’ve grown to become the industry leader. This is just the beginning, as we have tons of new features and improvements in development which will be added throughout the rest of this year."

Other redesign features include:

•Quick Access Sidebar: Access all Nutaku essentials from any page - games, trending tags, favorites, and more
•Favorites: “Heart” your favorite games and easily access them from the sidebar or from your profile page to jump right into the action.
•Dark Mode: About time, right?
•Dynamic Search Bar: Just start typing what you're looking for and see your results appear...

Visit to check out the new redesign and all its newest features.