Nutaku Unveils 'Angry Bangers'

LOS ANGELES—Nutaku has announced the release of a new turn-based RPG, Angry Bangers, with realistic 3D graphics and some action-packed drama in an alternate universe, on A gangster-themed title, Angry Bangers lets players take on rival gangs and regain control of the city in gripping PvP arena battles and PvE campaigns.

Set in an unidentified time-period, Adam Creak, an influential gang leader, steps into the dirty streets of the city when the cruel mayor kidnaps his wife. While exploring the city, from the rich palaces to the slums, players help Adam rescue his wife with the help of steamy hot allies, equipped with unique powerful items. Wield pistols, shotguns, snipers to face off each encounter, enjoy all the sexual rendezvous on the way and reclaim what’s yours in the city!

Features include:

•25 characters 

•150+ levels in PvE campaign

•5 unique items for each level up

•10 sex scenes with each character

Play Angry Bangers on PC Browser and Android here.