Nutaku Launches 'ComixHarem' RPG

LOS has announced the launch of a new RPG, ComixHarem.

Featuring their signature mascot Bunny Girl character and art style, the title lets players enjoy the best of hentai adventure in a crazy parallel universe with the horniest comics ladies.

“[The story takes place] on a planet where people can have powers and on that planet, people with powers can become superheroes," says the Kinkoid team. "[The player] will be part of an organization, and become one of the protectors of the world. The main character has the power of having a magic dick—of course—and this magic dick is boosting the heroines’ powers. His power is to inspire superheroes’ superpowers in general.”

Key features include:

A storyline embedded with elements of superhero comics, video games and pop culture, along with hundreds of uncensored hentai illustrations.

Players can romance horny superhero ladies galore and seduce them to join their harem. By saving the harem from villains, players can also win their affection in the Pachinkos...

Monthly events with new character additions and provocative Daily Missions 

Players will be able to display their sexual prowess with various strategies and stats management abilities.

Showering the gorgeous ladies with gifts and giving them the best equipments will take their skills to the top.

Players can climb up the leaderboard and take the top spot with their harem performance.

Check out the game on PC Browser here.