Numbers in from Phoenix Forum Domain Auctions

ATLANTA — The numbers are in for Rick Latona's recent live and online adult domain name auctions, which launched during the recent Phoenix Forum in Tempe, Ariz. 

The live auction brought in nearly $120,000, while the extended online auction, which closed on Sunday, totaled more than $1.3 million.

"Obviously, those are significantly different numbers," said Latona, who admitted the live auction met with difficulty and did not do well.

"We put a lot of thought into how everything transpires and we'll continue to do this, but likely not live ones," Latona told AVN Online Monday. "We'll probably still coordinate them to happen at the same time as the show, but they'll only be online auctions."

Though the current poor state of the economy certainly had a hand in low-yielding results, there were a number of factors at work, from problems with the actual bidding system to a lack of big-dollar bidder presence.

"The reasons include the way the deal-making works, so we plan to spend more time addressing the coordinating of sellers and buyers," Latona said. "Also, I think a lot of the players in the adult business deal behind closed doors; some of the biggest guys at the Forum had left by the time the live auction started. Plus, it's impossible to gather everyone in one place; it's such a global industry. So the only way to reach them all is online."

Among the biggest sellers in the live auction was for $4,750, while the top-selling extended online auction domain was for more than $1 million.

Regarding the live auction, Latona told DomainWire last week, "We think the results were terrible and completely unacceptable. I take full responsibility and know that the buck stops with me. For everyone that had a name sell in the live auction for less than $500 I am going to give them $300 out of my own pocket to help ease the pain."

"We had much higher hopes to say the least," he added "We really had thought we had the right kind of inventory, the right software, the right audience and the right financing options, but as you'll read below, not all of that was true."

Latona's next adult auction is scheduled for September at the Atlanta Forum. 

"I live in Atlanta myself and my team is there," he told AVN Online. "Most likely it's going to be only online, but promoted to launch at the same time as the Atlanta Forum."

Latona is also currently accepting submissions for his company's TRAFFIC Silicon Valley auction on April 28. Submissions can be made here on his website.



Phoenix Forum Rick Latona Auctions Live Sale: - $1 - $50 - $75 - $100 - $4,750 - $350 - $175 - $150 Video Package 1 - $200 - $100


Offshoring Package 1 - $200 - $50 - $125 Video Package 2 - $2,300 Hosting Package 1 - $300


Lot of 25 Adult Domains - $200 - $10 - $20 Website Traffic Package 1 - $2,800 Video Package 1 - $300 Hosting Package 2 - $1,000 Hosting Package 3 - $1,500 - $101,000


Offshoring Package 2 - $400 - $30 - $500 - $80 - $125


Offshoring Package 3 - $1,100 Website Traffic Package 2 - $1,400 -$275 - $75


RibbedDildo(s).com and RibbedVibrator(s).com - $150


NaughtyHusband(s).com - $75 - $30


Total Phoenix Forum Live Sale - $119,996


Atlanta Rick Latona Auctions Extended Adult Sale - $1,020,000 - $165,000 - $17,000 - $10,000 - $2,000 - $1,500


Total Atlanta Extended Adult Sale - $1,333,996


Total Live and Extended Sales - $1,453,992