Nude Photos of "Desperate Housewives" Star Marcia Cross Hit the Web

HOLLYWOOD  - Nude photos of Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross have surfaced on several Internet celebrity skin sites like Egotastic, as well as ‘Tube' sites across the web, today.


Celebrity gossip giant TMZ reported back in October of 2006 that nude shower photos of Cross, taken by her husband and "mistakenly thrown out," were discovered by garbage men and subsequently sold to David Hans Schmidt, the man responsible for the Dustin Diamond sex tape.


Schmidt died on Sep. 28, 2007 of an apparent suicide in his Arizona home, where he was under house arrest, while awaiting sentencing for attempting to extort $1 million dollars from Tom Cruise.


It is unclear whether Schmidt's death had any affect on the photos surfacing, but Schmidt was reportedly representing the owner of the garbage  hauling firm that found the personal pictures before his death. 


Cross and her husband, Tom Mahoney, were trying to legally block Schmidt from brokering the shots back in Oct. ‘06.