Nordic Hotel Chain Nixes In-room Adult Entertainment

NORDIC REGION—Nordic Choice Hotels equates porn with child sex trafficking. The HR & CR Manager for the company said that 1.2 million children are trafficked annually and many of them are sold into the porn industry. To show their commitment to this theory, the hotel chain has now banned adult entertainment from the in-room offerings at its 168-properties dotting the Nordic region.

"We believe it is a natural part of our social responsibility to not support an industry that contributes to trafficking or other forms of trafficking," said Nordic Choice Hotels CEO, Torgeir Silseth.  

According to The Local, “The decision is the result of a partnership with Unicef that began in 2008 and the recent adoption of new ethical guidelines including a zero tolerance policy against prostitution.”

The chain got some support but also took some heat for its decision, especially in the Twittersphere, where Nordic Choice was accused of populism.  

"It is a shame if this is seen as populism, but that doesn't hinder us from acting based on our convictions," the firm shot back. Responding to the obvious point that removing in-room adult entertainment means nothing anymore as long as the hotel still supplies access to the internet, the chain stated, "We obviously don't have the power to close the internet and neither is that the solution.”

Actually, they could very easily block internet access from their properties, but whatever.