No Gay Movies in Hilton Hotels?

LOS ANGELES—Is Hilton homophobic? The Daily Kos published a passionate post by wiprogressiveguy Saturday that sure implies as much. By Hilton, we mean the hotel chain, not Paris, but if it’s true that the chain is filtering out movies that cater to the gay community, the socialite and sex tape celebrity might want to make a call to see if she can set the situation right, especially after having served as Grand Marshal (pictured at the event, with her mom and Tinkerbell) of the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade in 2005.

The post describes in detail the unsuccessful attempt by wiprogressiveguy, who is gay, to access pay-per-view porn in a hotel room at the Hilton Gardens in Eagan, Minnesota. The attempt failed not because he was technically incapable but because the hotel, which offered oodles of straight porn and so-called lesbian porn, did not have one listing for gay porn, even though the online menu had gay categories.

After received yet another “No Listings Available" message, wiprogressiveguy wrote, “When I first read it, I thought it had to be a mistake. Then slowly, that feeling I get came over me, a feeling of being punched in the stomach, like when Stephen B., a bully (deceased early on in adult life from his violent life), punched me in the stomach when I was 12, right before I was up to bat in a baseball game and I couldn't say anything or even that I was hurt. Here that same feeling is coming up again. Punched in the gut, you can't breathe, embarrassed that you didn't do anything back and pretended to act as if everything is normal. That is how I felt then, and that is how I feel now. It is really my most dominant experience of what it means to be gay in a heterosexual world. Mostly, I have just kept it to myself; it’s safer, emotionally and physically.

“Mixture of emotions of anger, shame, fear envelope my body.  I fall back in disbelief thinking how I am a 51-year-old male, and still, STILL, STILL, I am not allowed. What should a gay man like myself do?”

In the end, wiprogressiveguy made his plea in bold type, in the post. “Hilton, is it too much to ask to give a paying customer who happens to be gay equal viewing opportunities of adult entertainment?” he wrote.

The good news is that on-deck entertainment is totally passé, as wiprogressiveguy realized. “At least I get satisfaction that I am using their wireless to write and post this diary,” he wrote. “And if I wanted to, I could do more ‘research’ of this topic on their wireless too.”