Nina Hartley Undresses Techies at SXSW 2010

AUSTIN—Industry icon, porn star, sex educator and social networker Nina Hartley (@NinaLand, #ninahartley) spoke Monday to a crowd of roughly 200 techies at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, during one of only two sessions that addressed adult content directly.

In addition to promoting her new social network, (#sexwise), Nina also spoke about her life in porn, the history of the business, and the many technical advancements adopted by the industry over the years.

Possibly the most important issue that was addressed was piracy. Hartley articulately communicated the trickle-down effect of piracy and the impact it is having on the industry.

The moderator Marjorie Kase and co-panelist Kyra Reed are the talent behind MarKyr Media, the social network marketing firm behind, which will debut later this month.

Below are some Twittered quotes from the panel, thanks to Minx:

Advice to girls [email protected] : date a cute geek boy!! #ninahartley #sexwise #sxsw

Advice to young girls on sex and dating: Don't be drunk. Own your sexuality and negotiate your boundaries. @ninaland #ninahartley #sxsw

Sex on an adult site is not like sex at home. You can't have condomless sex and remain safe. Amen, sister! #ninahartley #sexwise #sxsw

It's official! @ninaland's is previewing registrations. Goal: clothed conversations around sex. #ninahartley #sxsw

You CAN but a dildo in Texas now. :-) #ninahartley @ninaland #sxsw

"In the 70s, p0rn was a dark and furry place" ROFL! #ninahartley #sxsw

Wondering if we can convince @ninaland to come to #sex20 ( How awesome would that be?? #ninahartley #sxsw

RT @sheerly: porn used to be a guaranteed 50-100 profit margin but now producers are upset because it’s 'only' 3-1 #sxsw #ninahartley

RT @mobilia5: An oldie but a goodie! RT @kayeporter Take responsibility for your own orgasm #ninahartley #sexwise #sxsw

"When I was a girl, it was illegal for young women to get birth control" @ninaland #ninahartley #sxsw

Porn stars have to work to manage their brands, as all social networkers do. @ninaland #ninahartley #sxsw

Because p0rn is more accessible, it's less special. @ninaland #sxsw