NichePartners Expands Niche Offerings with

CANADA - NichePartners is endeavoring to expand its niche offerings within the fetish market with the launch of its SleepSlave website. 

"Our focus of late has been to find real unique niches to concentrate on," Robert, director of marketing, told AVN Online. "We really want to shock and entertain the surfer, which ultimately translates into profit for all."

Robert explained that testing on their smaller fetish site displayed promising conversions and illustrated a rich demand for these varieties of niches.

"SleepSlave is the product of our producers' minds," he said. "There is a real desire to push this untapped fetish. We are well positioned to expand our portfolio to include some really unique niches, which will entertain and ultimately convert traffic to sales. We expect SleepSlave to do phenomenally well. Our amateur presentation and ‘true feel' involves surfers."

SleepSlave offers a unique view of couples who deeply explore a sleep fetish.

"They enjoy and get off just taking the man or woman sexually as they are seemingly sleeping. In my opinion it's unique and genuine - nothing hotter than that," Robert said.

In order to promote SleepSlave, NichePartners is offering RSS feeds, free video content, banners, customized tools and hosted galleries, which will be available soon.

"We have spent almost 18 weeks testing the conversions on this site before presenting it to our partners for promotion," Robert added. "Conversions are excellent, using many traffic sources we see 1:70 and 1:90 ranges. This is our own internal marketing efforts, of course and everyone else's efforts will vary, but these are promising results."

The NichePartners portfolio consists of eight paysites, spotlighting Canadian sourced talent.

For more information, visit the NichePartners website.