Newcomer Launches Interactive Asian Site

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Former English teacher and adult industry newbie Justin Treynor has launched his first online venture, LavenderTabby, a pay site that features interactive, character-based Asian models.


"Five months ago, I was standing in front of a chalkboard, expounding the subtle nuances of dangling participles," Treynor said. "Now, I'm just another ‘noob' with a crazy dream and an escalating hosting bill."


Though he describes himself as a "techno-nitwit," Treynor said he knows what he's doing when it comes to creating compelling characters.


"If adult entertainment is about anything, it's absolutely got to be our primal, prominent need for fantasy," he said. "At the root of all fantasy, even that of the fast-and-furious variety, there is always some sort of story."


Taking a cue from MySpace and Facebook, LavenderTabby focuses on personal narrative. Treynor has created profiles for all of his featured models, complete with homemade slide shows, private messaging, forums, webchat, YouTube-inspired video clips and regular blog entries by the girls.


In a blog entry, college cutie Mai explained why she chose to leave the frat-boy toys at home on Valentine's Day.


"Let's face it: Cute with a capital ‘C' as they are, college boys are still wet-behind-the-ear sprinters," she wrote. "On this particular V-Day, the girls and I were in the mood for some seasoned, long-distance runners."


To create this online universe, Treynor has enlisted an all-star cast, including Hustler and AEBN content hosted by Mojo Host.


"Lavender Tabby is all about retaining members by drawing them into an erotic, compelling, evolving story line," he said. "In addition to my own exclusive content, I have Brad Koerner's entire AsianXXXContent catalog, 40 different full-length movies a month from Hustler's Asian Fever and four different sub-niche Asian theaters from AEBN."


Treynor said he is focused on selling an experience, not just pictures and videos.


"I count anything that detracts from a member's experience as a major liability," he said.


With tube sites dominated by a faceless aesthetic, Treynor said, people yearn to leave reality behind and be immersed in pure fantasy.


"That's a fundamental facet of human nature," he said, "and that is why Lavender Tabby is destined for big-time success."