New Tool Offers Targeted Advertising

SAN DIEGO - has introduced the Smart Niche Tool, a snippet of code designed to change how webmasters work with adult site banner promotion.


The Smart Niche Tool is a code that detects the niche of a page and displays an extremely targeted Flash video or static image advertisement.


"There is nothing more tedious than choosing specific advertising for every single page of your website," said Marc B., owner of "You have to figure out the page's content, then go to an affiliate program's webmaster area, select an ad that best matches that theme, copy the code, paste it in, repeat, repeat, repeat. That could take hours or days. And there is no guarantee that you are picking the best targeted ad to convert your page's traffic."

Marc B. said webmasters who have already used the Smart Niche Tool are reporting positive experiences.


"One of our webmasters put the code into his sites' overall template, which displays the banner on over 10,000 pages," he said. "Our tool shows different targeted banners on each of his pages automatically. He used to just put our ‘hardcore' Flash video banner on every page. He has effectively tripled his sales with the Smart Niche Tool. This level of advertising precision was previously impossible for him to achieve."


A demonstration of the Smart Niche Tool is available at