New Peekababe for iPhone Rated 12-plus

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Previously rejected by Apple's iPhone App Store, Sookie Solutions' Peekababe has made it through and while it's not porn, it sure is titillating.

Basically it's a striptease application:  There are pictures of several women wearing clothes and by swiping the iPhone screen side to side, thocthes can be changed, combined and such. Tame so far, right?  Well here's the kicker: touch the screen and the clothes disappear and one of those ladies is only wearing a teeny bikini or scant lingerie, and that Maxim-ish picture can be set as phone wallpaper.  Aint' that fun?

"It took us close one month to get approved. The approval standards should be more specific and easier to understand. You will see that our app content is very similar to already-approved apps’ content,” developer Alan Bigio told TechCrunch.

Bigio suggests Apple should change its approval process whereby developers first send in an idea, before they waste time creating something only to find they have to tweak it again and again to pass Apple scrutiny.

The app from mobile developer Sookie Solutions is rated 12-plus (or one might say, PG-12) at the suggestion of Bigio.

"My rating was based on the guidelines that they have for the iTunes store. Better to be safe than sorry,” he said.

Peekababe clearly states it does not contain any nude or pornographic pictures, though surely many parents of young teens -- boys, who'd like want the app -- wouldn't want their boys, ah, playing with it.  As it says on the product's website:  “Ever fantasize about what that hot girl is wearing underneath her clothes? Our sexy models are ready to undress and show you their sexy lingerie. Go ahead, take a peek.”

While Apple still bans even softcore content with nudity or implied sex, Peekababe is hardly the first sexy iPhone app; the list includes iStrip, MagicPen, Wobble and Bikini Babes. But as TechCrunch notes, this new program may have the clearest images and hottest girls so far, ranging from a cowgirl to a nurse to “many more babes.”  The price is $.99 in the App Store.