New Internet Radio Station, Radio Temptation, to Debut in March

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif.—A new internet radio station bringing together adult stars and their fans plans to debut live programming next month. The high-end station will feature some of the biggest stars of yesterday, today and tomorrow, producing and presenting their own radio shows without censorship or limitations.

The concept for the station is the brainchild of Sam Hasson, a Los Angeles entrepreneur who has garnered a lot of attention for his successful and fast-growing mainstream internet radio station, LA Talk Radio. In addition to high-quality audio, Radio Temptation will also stream live HD video from inside its studios to provide an intimate peek into the radio show in real time. Listeners and fans can interact with their favorite hosts by calling in to the studio and by participating in the accompanying chatroom.

Hasson has watched porn stars and their antics during broadcasts, like the popular Inside the Industry program, an LA Talk Radio production, hosted by James Bartholet and his co-hosts, and realized that the listeners want to share in the experience visually as well.

“There is still so much more to explore in Internet radio and in the adult industry,” said Hasson. “Although we have carried several adult shows on LA Talk Radio, I felt there is a great need for an all-adult radio station that serves as the hub for performers, industry players and their fans, as well as an involved and targeted platform for advertisers of adult products and services.

“Although there have been several attempts at sex radio channels on satellite radio, they have mostly disappeared," said Hasson, adding, “When you mix adult and mainstream, you lose focus and your audience."

He also is adamant that internet radio will outperform satellite radio sooner or later, “because they reach only their subscribers. We reach everybody in the world with an internet connection or a smartphone.”

All shows will be archived and available on-demand on the radio station’s website. “The fact that people have the option to listen whenever they want creates an opportunity for listeners to consume their entertainment on their own terms, an option satellite radio does not offer,” pointed out Hasson.

He added that Radio Temptation will provide hosts and their guests with a cutting-age radio environment along with full support and hospitality, a recipe for high-quality shows for the listeners and memorable experiences for those behind the microphone.

Many popular adult film stars are already planning on coming on board, he added, and the schedule for their broadcasts is being set, with a launch date planned for sometime in March.

“Finally, there is a place for fans to connect with their adult stars in real time, in a way that goes beyond the usual social media and webcams," concluded Hasson. "We have created a platform that will reward everyone involved, and we’re truly excited to bring a respectable and influential radio station to an industry that is constantly innovating and bringing joy and pleasure to millions."

Currently, in addition to Bartholet's Inside the Industry program, LA Talk Radio also produces Rock n Sexxxy Uncensored, hosted by Amber Lynn.  

For more information about Radio Temptation, go here.