New Batch-Import Tool Released by Freeones

DRIEBERGEN, Netherlands - Freeones link site has announced a brand-new website function to be used by its sponsors to simplify the uploading of free-hosted galleries into the Freeones backend.In order to optimize gallery conversions, a batch-import tool has been created to hasten the process of adding new galleries to the website for both sponsors and Freeones employees. The sponsor program will offer templates to help sponsors find the best one for their needs and import fresh galleries whenever they want."This is another big step forward in automating things," said Roald, business development manager for Freeones. "The batch-import tool will give us more time to develop new features for both partners and visitors of Freeones."Only close partners have access to the batch-import tool at present, but the company has plans to make it accessible to everyone who wants access or is listed in the Freeones database in the near future.

Also on the list of upcoming features are extended traffic stats of the submitted FHGs. Sponsors will be able to see how many clicks per day they get on each link, as well as the total. This will be a powerful tool to see which galleries are doing great and which aren't, Roald said.