Netluxe Media Hired to Run Wicked Bucks

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - Wicked Pictures, a multiple-AVN Award-winning studio, has retained progressive affiliate management company Netluxe Media to helm the Wicked Bucks program.


Netluxe Media is operated by 11-year veteran Michael Gall, formerly of CECash, who has worked in several areas of the online adult industry. But, Gall told AVN Online, he is no stranger to what it takes to manage an affiliate program. He was the owner and operator of his own program, IShield, from 1996-99.


"Wicked is happy to have Netluxe on board to help take Wicked Bucks to the next level," Avi, chief technology officer of Wicked Pictures. "We know the potential success that Wicked Bucks has, and we look forward to raising the bar in online offerings. We are glad Netluxe and Michael have the reigns."


Gall said he is not only "excited to work with caliber of a company," but also looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.


"We have a reputation for having high-quality content and the most beautiful girls," he said, referring to Wicked's stable of content. "But the challenge has been getting that word out to the consumers online.


"The past success of Wicked Bucks is not negated," he said. "We just feel there is much more potential to be tapped, and we are on the fast track to making that a reality."


In addition to more aggressively promoting to consumers, Gall said he is excited about the recent redesign of Wicked's main website.

"And we are also revamping the affiliate program and should have a new website associated with that ready to go in a few days," he added.


Wicked Bucks was built to complement and promote Wicked Pictures' content.


Wicked Pictures offers top award-winning titles such as Operation Desert Stormy, Coming Home and Dreamquest, and is said to have the most comprehensive Jenna Jameson library available. Stormy Daniels, jessica drake and Carmen Hart are among Wicked's contract girls.