Netbilling Rolls Out System Upgrades

VALENCIA, Calif. - Netbilling has announced enhancements to its reporting and transaction-processing systems, which the company predicts will be easier for merchants to use.


The company's business-analysis reports, which now feature graphs and new formats, are expected to be easier to read. Membership and custom reports now can be saved for future reference.


Netbilling also has added detailed chargeback reports that mark transactions as chargebacks. Additionally, the company has increased the amount of data that merchants can extract when using the User Scriptable Interface affiliate link (API); this is expected to offer greater process-gateway flexibility.


The company reported that improvements also have been made to NBcheck, an Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing system, to make its use a "more relaxed experience."


"Merchant input has helped to keep us on the forefront of innovation, and many of our upgrades and feature additions are attributed to this," said Jeremiah Lamborn, Netbilling's lead technical-support specialist. "Netbilling continues to provide our merchants with important tools to help maximize their profits and retain customers."