NETbilling Adds Fresh Features and Flexibility

VALENCIA, Calif. - Payment processing and merchant service company NETbilling has added several new customizable features in order to answer merchant requests for improved flexibility.

New features are internal cascading for sales and rebills on merchant accounts, expanded multiple currency support, multiple merchant account assignments per site tag, direct mode processor field and batch reports and an SRI upgrade.

NETbilling has implemented the ability to internally cascade declined sales/sign ups and rebilling attempts from one merchant account to another instantly without the customer being involved in the cascading process. This allows merchants to increase conversions and aid in maximizing their profits.

Additionally, the expanded multiple currency support allows merchants not only to support multiple currencies, but also to load balance and prioritize multiple merchant accounts of any currency.

Merchants also assign multiple merchant account assignments per site tag as well. This gives merchants the flexibility to utilize more than one merchant account and assign them to process their websites. This appeases the merchant banks for approved site reasons and gives merchants the ability to control which merchant accounts process which sites.

Another feature for multiple merchant account users includes direct mode, which will now return in the transaction response of the processor/merchant account used to process the transaction.

Finally, the SRI upgrade will provide merchants the opportunity to extract the reporting data of incoming chargebacks into the system if chargebacks are being recited to NETbilling by your merchant bank.

For more information, visit the NETbilling website or email [email protected].