Negotiations Continue Over 'Mini-Me' Sex Tape

LOS ANGELES - A Los Angeles federal judge has extended a ban on the sale or distribution of a homemade sex video featuring actor Verne Troyer for one week.

The original order was scheduled to expire on Monday, but the extra time will allow for the parties involved to work out a settlement. The order was granted shortly after Troyer - who is best known for his roles as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movie series - filed a $20 million federal lawsuit against celebrity news website TMZ , celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt and adult-film rental company SugarDVD.

The judge had initially ordered the removal of a 25-second clip from the video of Troyer and then-girlfriend Ranae Shrider taken off TMZ, but later rescinded that order.

Troyer's lawyer, Tracy Rane, has said Troyer does not want the video made public.

She told the Associated Press that "Mr. Troyer is working to prohibit the release of the full tape."