Naughty4Cash Offers 100-Percent Payouts in August

LOS ANGELES – Naughty4Cash, an affiliate program specializing in amateur content, will offer 100-percent payouts for the entire month of August.“[Fans] just love Desirae, the naughty, beautiful young housewife who spends her days and nights doing very, very naughty things around the house [at flagship website NaughtyAtHome],” The Adult Broker Lori Z. told AVN Online. TAB is Naughty4Cash’s new promotional partner. “Oh, and she loves to blog and tell you all about her life, which she wants you to be a part of.”According to Lori Z., affiliates who join will want to stay because surfers want to stay. Desirae has much to be proud of, considering her site converts at 1:400 and has retained some members for as long as six years, Lori Z. said.Naughty4Cash has an amateur look and feel, and the program has been online for more than six years. “[Naughty4Cash offers] every live-cam network, as well as a lot of quality on-demand video content, erotic stories and daily journals,” Lori Z. said. “Naughty puts a lot into their websites, and their members stay. The girls that play with Desirae also do all of their own requests, and Desirae adds downloadable movies, along with high-quality picture sets, each week from her homemade porn collection. Members can also view over 10,000 recorded live shows.”