Naughty America Names First Hall of Fame Inductees

SAN DIEGO - Naughty America announced its first group of "Naughty America Hall of Fame" inductees on Friday.


The editors of Naughty America selected the honorees in observation of "Naughty America Day," July 3, which celebrates American naughtiness. Honorees were selected based on how their naughtiness has had a lasting impact on American and world culture.


Among the inductees are Benjamin Franklin, comedian George Carlin, musician Frank Zappa, actress Mae West, politician Vincent "Buddy" Cianci, comedian Lenny Bruce, gangster Al Capone, sex researcher Alfred Kinsey and Sydney Biddle Barrows, aka the Mayflower Madam.


Naughty American spokesman David Moye said the initial inductees have set the naughtiness bar high.


"George Carlin probably has the best shot of anyone," he said. "By any standard, Benjamin Franklin is the quintessential naughty American. He was the original MILF hunter, a statesman with a fondness for younger women, and a shrewd businessman with a penchant for hoaxes."


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